Kare pan

Curry has a very special place in Japanese hearts and their cuisine, that makes it one of the most popular dishes in Japan with a very long history. Curry was introduced to Japan by officers of the Royal Navy of the British Empire in a form of a spice mix known as curry powder around the 1860’s. From 1870’s Japanese cooking books contained the earliest recipes for raise karī (rice curry) that eventually transformed into raise karē.

Around the same time curry made its way into restaurant menus as a luxury meal since the curry powder was expensive being imported from Britain. As the years passed Japanese companies developed their own curry mix boosting the creation of curry based dishes like:  karē udon, karē soba and the famous karē pan. 

From 1950s Curry was a very well established dish in Japanese cuisine thanks to the introduction of a solid-block type of curry mix. Since then, Japanese curry has evolved in regional variations, ready-to-eat bags, gourmet styles and even packs for Japanese astronauts in the NASA space program. As part of this evolution SWEET Co. Bakery has been offering Karē Pan for the last 50 years with a great nostalgic flavor that comforts our guest with a taste that brings back great memories from their childhood.  Even Karē Pan which has been on our menu for a long period of time, also went through its own transformation during these years. 

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When SWEET Namiyanagi was opened, 9 years ago, the focus was set to offer the best home made Karē Pan using local grown vegetables from Nagano prefecture and high quality beef. The result was a well balanced mix of Karē (curry) where you can taste the individual notes of each ingredient, that together gives a unique taste. There are 2 special characteristics during the process of SWEET’s Karē Pan that make it so special:

The first one, is the delicate and particular care taken during the mixing preparation, from choosing the correct amount of spices to selecting the specific sizes of beef. The second characteristic is Agetate (Fresh Fried), this is the moment when Karē Pan gets their particular crispy taste, color and texture that together with the curry mix obtains a perfect flavor. 

SWEET fries only small batches at a time, in this way each Karē Pan has a specific balance of presentation, taste and temperature that makes it so easy to eat and delicious for any occasion. You can enjoy Karē Pan with other pastries all year-around with any drink you like but if you feel adventurous you can try it with milk. 

Don’t miss it on your next visit to SWEET Bakery Co. 


Available shops: Nawate, Namiyanagi & Azumino