Come relax at Sweet Cafe iCity 


Sweet Cafe iCity 21 is a large, open-terrace cafe located on the second floor of the Yamagata Village iCity mall. Join us for a pizza made in our Italian kiln! 



Sweet Cafe iCity 21

Address: 7977 Yamagata Mura
Higashi-Chikuma Gun, Nagano
Phone: 0263-50-6540

Indoor: 70 Seats

Daily 10:00 to 20:00
Last order: 19:30


Curated Menu

no. 1 Bread Basket Buffet

Only served between 11:00 and 15:00, this basket includes toppings such as jam and butter. Served with soup, salad, and drink. 

no. 2 Pizza

A basil and tomato pizza made with homemade pesto and fresh tomatoes on a thin crust. 

no. 3 French Toast

Made with traditional French bread and plenty of fresh cream, our French Toast is the perfect breakfast. Enjoy with maple syrup.

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